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In Character News

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In Character News

Post by Administrator on Fri Aug 04, 2017 11:29 am

Season One:
There's an array of chaos going on: Dillon Sage made a kill, Armando is being naughty, Mickey is drunk and shot a man, and Mia Rowtag is trying to rescue him. Little do they know, vampire hunter, Mercy Thompson, is on their tail. ("The Flawless Kill") NEW!
 Istas calls Maximum out to have some one-on-one talk about feelings, in which the two agree that their love for one another is mutual. ("The Sacred Arch")
 Kamaji takes O'Malley to Morra Den, in which he proposes to her. She says 'yes,' therefore they begin to consummate their marriage. ("The Morra Den")
 Larina Lavender soughts out Maria Webb to declare an alliance for protection. ("The Arrow's Study")
 Maximum proposes an alliance with The Samarians. Lark, the alpha, agrees to this with stride. ("The Sacred Arch")
 O'Malley and Kamaji, whom previously had relations, run into each other in full embrace. Its goofy and very cute! ("The Sacred Arch")
 Maheeja and Doctore approach Istas and Maximum about joining the pack, and receive warm welcomes. ("The Sacred Arch")
 There's tension in the air when Kamaji and Maximum cross paths, but after a short discussion, Kamaji joins Maximum's pack. ("The Sacred Arch")

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Re: In Character News

Post by Guest on Sun Aug 13, 2017 7:22 pm

All The Savagery members to report here to be a part of the decision whether to form an alliance with The Blackblood Coven.

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