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The Handbook

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The Handbook

Post by Administrator on Wed Jul 12, 2017 7:04 pm

.... Introduction :
Jambo, Guest! The staff gives you their warmest welcomes to our little community! Here on Roots, we try to keep things simple - Hakuna Matata, am I right?  Razz However, there must be some rules to keep some order around here. If you don't understand something, just head down to the chatbox or the inquiry board for extra guidance!

.... General Rules :
Have fun - This website was created to have fun, so lets make this the fundamental element of Roots.
Respect - This one is a given. If there's an issue between yourself and another user, please do not publicize it on the forum.
Swearing - Excessive swearing is allowed in the RP only; mild swearing outside of RP is also okay, but don't antagonize or be extra.
Be active - Roots is a fast-paced RP; be sure to stay active to stay involved in roleplay and the many side activities, too!

.... Character Rules :
Accounts - You can make as many as you can handle.
Gender & Sexuality - You can make LGBT+ characters; we accept them all ^^
Realistic - Characters with super-powers, strength, mind-reading, super speed, etc. are not allowed.

.... Roleplay Rules :
Mates/Partners - You can be 'mates' with another character. You do not have to be 'mates/partnered' to produce offspring.
Powerplay - Don't do it; your posts may get deleted without warning.
Word Count - There isn't a word count, but the longer, the better.
PG13+ - There may be some violent scenes/acts and also mentions of sexual innuendo in RP. As long as there are not any graphic details of sex or excessive bloody scenes, Roots is pretty lax what occurs in RP. Read at your own risk.
Death - You can kill your characters as you please; do not kill anyone's character unless all parties are in agreement to the act.
Forbidden Romance - Oh yeah.
Plot Driven - Members can create their own plots, RP drama, activities, etc.

Guide written by Maximum (c)

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About the RP

Post by Administrator on Fri Jul 21, 2017 4:14 am

.... The Plot :

Work in Progress

The Plot of Roots:

.... About the RP Forums :
We know that when you first look at our RP forums, you may get a little intimidated. However, do not fear - it's not as confusing as it may look. At Roots, we incorporate both styles of RP into our community. What are the two styles? Glad you asked, Guest! They are:
Liquid Time RP: Liquid time is time that follows no logical timeline, and anyone can make or join as many role play threads as they'd wish. Some of these threads may be set 'public' for all users to join in, or 'private' for only a select few. The author of these threads should distinguish the type the thread is in the 'topic' field.
Traditional Location RP: The group leader makes set locations inside his/her forum, where users will post their replies as if they are in that location. There is a set timeline in this style of RP, and you can only be in one location at a time.

Our RP is broken up in these three categories:
City of Nairobi: Nairobi is one of the most popular cities in Africa, however Roots only focuses on this city only.
Ardhi Ya Kavu - This is the 'Dry Territory,' where the creatures of Africa migrate to during the dry season to prevent being washed away in the floods of the South. During the dry season, Ardhi Ya Maji becomes unavailable to RP at until the next rainy season.
Ardhi Ya Maji - This is the 'Wetland Territory,' where the creatures of Africa migrate to during the rainy season to prevent the great fires of the North. During the wet season, Ardhi Ya Kavu becomes unavailable to RP at until the next dry season.

When you click on 'Ardhi Ya Kavu' or 'Ardhi Ya Maji,' you will see the following:
Eneo la Umma - This means "Public Area" in Swahili. In the dry season, this land serves as a 'free-for-all' where liquid time rp is used.
Mahali ya Umma - This means "Public Place" in Swahili. In the wet season, this land serves as a 'free-for-all' where liquid time rp is used.
Eastern and Western Regions - These are claimable territories where group-leaders can create their groups! All of the lands are divided between the Eastern Region and Western Regions. When a group-leader has found a territory he'd/she'd like to claim, they will get their own forum where they can create 6 RP location topics for their members. Liquid time RP is not used.

Guide written by Maximum (c)

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Users, Groups, and Joining

Post by Administrator on Fri Jul 21, 2017 1:00 pm

.... Species :
At Roots, we allow our users to play from a set of different species. Some of these species include Wolves, African Wild Dogs, Humans, Lions, Dogs, Cats, and Vampires. If there is a species not on the list that you want to play, please don't hesitate to suggest it to the staff! More than likely we will say yes.

.... Groups :
In our community, we allow our members to be able to create a group of their very own! You can make a pack, a pride, a coven, a gang - anything! There are some requirements before creating a group though. They are:
Activity - This one is a given. If you want to lead a group, you have to prove that you are active enough to handle one.
2 Per Account - You can only lead a maximum of 2 groups. You can join as a member of as many as you'd like though.
Secondary Leader - In case you happen to go on EFA, leave, or whatever the reason may be - we'd like there to be a secondary leader to take over your group so it doesn't get deleted! This requirement is something the staff appreciates, but is not a big deal as we can appoint someone of our choosing.
Responsibility - Creating a group requires leadership and responsibility; if your group is approved, this means you now become a moderator of your own RP forum, are required to make guides for your group, create an icon, etc. This responsibility is solely your own.
Plan Ahead - You must already know the name, the chosen territory, location topics, etc. when requesting a group. Groups with lack of thought, no creativity, or are incomplete after an extended period will be denied or deleted.

.... Rules for the RP/Forum
Since RP is a big thing at Roots, the staff tries to keep all parties happy. Creating a group impacts the RP, so therefore there are rules so that there is no abuse in the RP.
Territory - While it's allowed to RP in the public zones, we ask that you don't go on other group's territory unless there is a mutual agreement of doing so.
Respect - Just do it.
Joining - Do not harass, force, or continuously beg members to join your group.
What happen in RP, stays in RP - Perhaps your group just earned an enemy in RP; it is not allowed to harass/fight your group's "enemies" outside of RP. Please keep that in RP only.
Take-Overs, Wars, Duels, Etc. - You can take over a group (if all parties agree: staff, group leader, opposer), declare war, have PvP duels for rank or pack (if all parties agree: staff, group leader, opposer) in RP.
IF YOU LOSE YOUR GROUP/RANK, you are allowed to create a new group that will automatically be accepted. You are also allowed to take any guides you created for your group, your group's icon, members (if they choose), etc. However, as a "punishment" and to keep things realistic, you must have to choose a new territory and make new RP locations.
IF YOU WIN/EARN A GROUP/RANK, you now rise victorious as the new leader of the territory, therefore moderator of the forum. In your rule, you must create new guides, create a new name, and make an icon for your group. Members of the group that was taken over can choose to stay, or leave with the old leader.

.... Current Groups Available :

.... How do I make a group? :
If you choose to accept and follow the requirements and rules, and would like create a group, please request it on this topic: Group Requesting Page

.... Joining a Group :

Guide written by Maximum (c)

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Other Information

Post by Administrator on Fri Jul 21, 2017 1:17 pm

.... Miscellaneous Information :

.... Registering :

.... Profile Fields :

.... Extra Links :

Guide written by Maximum (c)

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Re: The Handbook

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